What Is It Like to Work at HelloSign?

What Is It Like to Work at HelloSign?
Lo stesso prodotto con un nuovo aspetto! HelloSign è diventato Dropbox Sign!

For many of us, a long weekend is a time to get away. We forget about the deadlines, pause the never-ending list of to-dos, and add miles in between ourselves and the office personalities that drive us bonkers on a daily basis. The last thing we want to do is spend more time with the people we already see five days a week.

Yet, I found myself spending my most recent holiday weekend surrounded by coworkers and enjoying every minute of their company.

It begged the question: Why? Why is HelloSign so different than my past employers?

At Hellosign, we aren’t just coworkers. We’re teammates driven by a common mission to “Simplify Work.” We practice radical candor, solicit real-time feedback, and want you to feel comfortable providing an honest opinion – no matter how dissenting that opinion may be to the rest of the team. Every teammate has a voice and every teammate should feel heard. It’s that diversity of thought that makes us better. It makes us creative and thorough in our problem solving. And when we commit to a decision, we do so in deliberate way. There are no bruised egos and no political games to play.

Many of us are friends. We share our passions with each other and embrace our common interests. From tea time to book club to trivia contests, there are a variety of grassroots social events created by our teammates and enjoyed during or after working hours. Spending so much time together means that the line between coworkers and friends gets blurry. Let’s face it- most of our adult lives will be spent working. Wouldn’t work feel less like work if we got to do it with people we consider to be friends? When we know each other personally, we often gain perspective on what motivates us, what our strengths and weaknesses are, and how to communicate with one other in the most effective way. Being friends helps us to be better, empathetic teammates.

Most importantly, HelloSign welcomes everyone – employee or otherwise. It isn’t odd to meet a teammate’s son, dog, best friend, or significant other in the office. There is something so special about the HelloSign culture that we feel compelled to share this experience with our loved ones. They celebrate our wins and encourage us when we hit bumps in the road. Our loved ones are part of the HelloSign family and are with us for every step of our growth and success. 

If this sounds like your kind of working environment, we’d love to have you join on our adventures. Check our open jobs here.

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